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Health IT

Federal agencies with health related missions face many challenges in meeting the demands of a quickly evolving health care environment.

Modernizing outdated IT infrastructure (servers, security mechanisms, applications, network bandwidth, and others) necessary to keep pace with change will continue to be one of the most significant challenges. For more than a decade, INDUS has supported the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of the U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General, modernizing, integrating, consolidating and optimizing their systems and applications in preparation for these major reforms.

Demands for new solutions and upgrades are high, and INDUS' services and solutions for Health IT are broadly applicable, scalable, and cost-effective. INDUS' experience in designing, acquiring, installing, configuring, and operating data center and network resources, as well as our unbeatable reputation for complete security and privacy compliance for our supported customers, positions us well for addressing your challenges right away.

  • Document Management
  • Data-Warehousing
  • Network Infrastructure Modernization
  • Privacy and Security
  • Virtual Data Center Design, Acquisition, and Installation
  • Cloud Computing – Private and Public