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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protecting our national critical infrastructure is paramount to safeguard our national and homeland security interests.

The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) is implementing a framework to access and leverage disparate information from many sources. The goal is to foster a collaborative environment to quickly identify issues and effect actions through an information sharing network.

INDUS is well positioned to provide key support to the network. INDUS has gained tremendous experience over the years through our collaborative work with Government agencies on several of our nation's critical infrastructure protection (CIP) systems. We understand the system dynamics of land, water, bridges, roads, borders, railroad safety, traffic flows, and severe weather systems. Since these CIP systems are from disparate agencies it is critically important to implement a collaborative environment to ensure Agency's business outcomes are achieved as well as to support the NIPP goal of a robust information sharing network.

INDUS is at the forefront of this challenge. Our unique ability to answer questions related to the interdependencies of these critical infrastructure systems is essential for both strategic and tactical planning of homeland security initiatives. INDUS professionals use our leadership position in this critical infrastructure area to help our nation and answer homeland security questions related to identifying potential vulnerabilities as well as post-disaster rapid decision support analysis.

  • Enterprise Services Framework
  • Metadata Development and Maintenance
  • Central Data Exchange
  • Geospatial Applications
  • Virtualization and Cloud Service Provisioning
  • Data Analytics
  • Remote Sensing Data Integration
  • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • Interoperability
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Modeling and Visualization