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Business Analytics

When you need to make important, time-sensitive decisions, you need instantaneous access to mission-critical information.

INDUS delivers with easily accessible and actionable intelligence. We monitor, collect and integrate information from multiple data sources—including remote sensors, databases, and mainframes—and apply geospatial and data mining technologies to improve real-time decision making. We store and process large quantities of data, and extract the critical elements that are required to execute key analyses and decisions. The result? Customized information portals ensuring your support data is only a few clicks away.

INDUS offers the following technology/services for Business Analytics:

  • Database architecture
  • Geospatial applications
  • Information Sharing
  • Remote Sensing Data Management
  • Data Mining and
  • Data Migration and Conversion
  • Central Data Exchange
  • Interoperability
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Modeling and Visualization
  • Metadata Development and Maintenance
  • Data Analytics