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INDUS’s Wayne French Receives Appreciation from USAF 3 Star General


In support of the Joint Multi-Media Center (JMC) at the Pentagon, Wayne French was provided a Letter of Appreciation from Mark F. Ramsey Lieutenant General, USAF for his, “Superb support to the 9th Chairman's Strategic Seminar” last year.

Wayne had the pleasure of witnessing—and recording—military history in the making. As Videographer, Wayne attended the Quantico, VA Strategic Seminar where generals and admirals worked through a series of potential national security crises, debating military capabilities that would be required in the future. This event included the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all Military Service Chiefs and Commanders of all the Unified Combatant Commands. In Wayne’s words, "I estimate that there were at least 18 four-star Generals and Admirals present, so it was truly a 'star-studded' event of which I'll never forget.”

As part of INDUS’s Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Staff Support Center (JSSC) Integration Information Management System (IIMS) Support contract, Wayne is an exceptional representation of the very best and brightest INDUS professional; he shows how high-caliber delivery creates completely satisfied customers.

This is just one more moment-in-time Wayne has been responsible for capturing—Presidents, dignitaries, and celebrities—before he was an INDUS employee and today; we’re proud to call him one of our own. Look for his work on a "History Channel" near you.

About Lt. Gen. Mark F. Ramsay: Director, Force Structure, Resources and Assessment, Joint Staff, he develops capabilities; conducts studies, analysis and assessments; and evaluates plans, programs and strategies for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He serves as the Joint Requirements Oversight Council Secretary and as the Chairman of the Joint Capabilities Board.

About IIMS: The IIMS information technology services contract provides technical support services to assist the Joint Staff Support Center (JSSC) in fulfilling mission critical responsibilities. INDUS personnel augment JSSC services required to support all aspects of Information Technologies (IT) that support Command, Control, and Communications (C3) and analytical requirements of the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff (JS), the Combatant Commanders, the Military Services and the other elements within the Department of Defense.

About JSSC: The mission of the Joint Staff Support Center is to provide leading-edge capabilities for Command and Control (C2), Information Assurance, Multimedia, and Continuity of Operations (COOP) to warfighters, National-level leaders, and other mission global partners.