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What Makes Us INDUS

INDUS is a trusted leader in providing IT solutions to Federal Civilian, Homeland Security, Defense and Intelligence organizations. So what makes INDUS unique?

Our people, our culture, and the way we work with our customers. Since the company’s inception in 1993, INDUS has fostered an environment that promotes striving higher in everything we do. Our employees are fully prepared to meet the challenges you face, and are dedicated to working until the job is done and your mission-critical needs are met.

Our staff is approachable, accessible, and dependable. We don’t wait for our customers to call—we reach out to talk with them on a regular basis to ensure complete satisfaction. And we don’t make you wait either. Our project managers are empowered to make decisions to support your needs, no matter when or where. INDUS is dedicated to not only meeting customer expectations, but exceeding them.